Monday, January 14, 2019

Knott's Berry Farm

In lieu of a bday party, we took Landon to Knott's Berry Farm with his closest friends, Emerson, Austie, and Uncle Luke this past Saturday. We ended it by meeting family at the famous Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken dinner restaurant with family. 

It was a much easier day than our normal go go go at Disneyland. We spent our time in Camp Snoopy and didn't even venture into the actual park. The kids loved all of the little rides and we enjoyed the short wait times and slow pace. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Lifting Up Our Maybe's

Today Landon is 3.

Three years ago Landon came almost 6 weeks early. He had trouble breathing on his own so he was whisked to the NICU after he was born. We didn't get to hold him. For 2 weeks we shuttled back and forth from my parents to the hospital, unsure of what was to come.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The burden and the stress of not knowing what was going on. Exactly how serious it all was. If he was going to be okay. He was, ok, of course. But the truth is, we aren't guaranteed a good or easy ending, are we? 

Maybe - nothing remakes everything like grace. 
Maybe - wreckage always births resurrection.
Maybe - Trust what is coming at you, is God coming for you.
Trust that what looks like a wave to carry you away, is the wave that will carry you to shore.
Trust and obey that the One who walks on waves
will make a highway
Out of everything rising your way.
Maybe: Trust that there is no such thing as destruction, only resurrection. 
Maybe: Trust that nothing ruins, only ruins you for anything less than God.

And maybe it is actually possible  -
that in
Surrender to the Master, 
the thrumming drum of your heart 
is Remastered,
Reworked, Reformed, Remade,
And your joy in His always enoughness

And one shattered heart erupts into a fountain of need, 
and one broken heart becomes a geyser for glory, 
And one split heart is a sacrifice that streams with amens to the One who is the Source of all things. 
-Ann  Voskamp

Landon, my reminder of God's graciousness and faithfulness. Let's lift up our maybe's and ask God to turn them into a kind of Trust we've never known before. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Tylertown, Mississippi

This Christmas we checked one of my mom's boxes and fulfilled her wish that all of us would be celebrating Christmas in her hometown of Tylertown, Mississippi with her mom and extended family.   My kids finally got to meet their other great grandma and got a taste of what the rural south is all about. 

Thunderstorms, interstates instead of freeways, trees and swamps instead of buildings, Walmarts, no Starbucks, fried food, homes with acres, guns, people with accents. They had a good time. 

Landon especially loved the plane flights. TV for 3 hours straight? Food at his beck and call? Aisle seat? Clearly living his best life. 

They randomly asked if the kids wanted to see the cockpit and sit in the pilots chair. Emerson even got to say Merry Christmas over the speaker phone.

Christmas Eve dinner at a Waffle House in Louisiana. My husband couldn't be happier.

Christmas day at my Auntie Jo's with her kids and their kids.

Notable mention Emerson and Landon slept together for the first time. Landon fell off the bed twice and ended up sleeping with us. How do people who cosleep survive?? Better people than I am.

Hence us two at breakfast at the crack of dawn.

And the main reason for all the effort, this time with my Gram.

These rascals in their first self driving vehicle.

Terrorizing the world with pool noodles.

My cousins!

Visiting my gram in her rest home.

And finally, Landon sleeping in his own bed. Hallelujah! What a beautiful sight.

The rest of my family traveled down to Tennessee to visit my mom's brother, his wife, six kids, and their kids. I was sad to have missed that precious time but was thankful that I made the trip at all.

This week my guys celebrate their birthdays! Josh and Luke turn 33 and 30, respectively, on Thursday, and Landon turns 3 on Friday. The party continues! And by party I mean the appreciation continues, no parties for anyone when mama is in the third trimester and moving around like a beached whale. =)

Christmas Recap

Thank you for reaching out guys. We are grateful for your offers of assistance and support.

In other, more relatable news, I recently purchased maternity underwear and holy cow why have I never done this in all the pregnancies before? Not pregnant? No problem. I would recommend buying a few for when you've eaten too large of a meal. :p

Emerson goes back to school tomorrow. We've made some wonderful memories during the break. Some notables.

Christmas at my moms

Christmas at my inlaws

Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack made an appearance

As did Ariel

Emerson's most coveted present, an umbrella - aka Violet force field with violet pictures applied by Uncle Luke.

Christmas program at church

A trip to Mississippi to be with my my mom's side for Christmas. <separate post>

New Years Eve countdown with friends at 6:30pm (thank you Netflix) at El Cholo complete with popsicle cheers.

Josh and I living on the edge with a door dash delivery of a slice of cheesecake at 11pm on NYE.

Osechi feast at my Inlaws on New Years Day. And hands down my favorite soup, my Mil's Ozoni. I missed it last year because I was sick and I was determined to make sure I didn't miss it two years in a row.

Family games on New Years.

And my favorite blurry shot of the day, Josh's grandma laughing at the game antics.

Landon and his bestie eating all the foods 

Finally fulfilling Emerson's greatest wish, to go ice skating.

Landon enjoyed it too. ha

A little pep talk from daddy when she realized she couldn't skate like a pro the first time around.

Memories made with friends

Reuniting with old friends

Learning the art of sumo wresting. ha

And the subsequent effort to master the techniques. :p

I'm grateful I was back to healthy so I didn't have to miss one thing and feeling bittersweet about getting back into the motions of school. 

A great ending to 2018.